My Story

Why this blog exists

There comes a certain point in your life when you realize that you have things to say, yet you are absent from the audience required to do so.

This is what happened to me recently when I decided that life had taught me valuable lessons that I needed to share with others yet I had no outlet in which to share.

This was when a friend introduced me to the world of blogging.

“You can write what you want when you want, and people will decide whether they want to listen or not”, she informed me.

This sounded perfect and it was from this guidance that Warrior Women Rising was born.

My background

Myself sitting at my work desk

My name is Beth and I am a 36-year-old African-American female. Born and raised in Detroit, MI, I graduated from Wayne State University with a degree in Law. I have been fully employed in Phoenix, Arizona from the moment I graduated until this very day (Can’t believe it has been 12 years!).

Upon moving to Arizona I met my partner Simon, a Caucasian male 3 years my junior and we have recently had our first child, Tyler, who is the light of our world.

My mission with Warrior Women Rising

I have encountered many things in life that I feel have positioned me well to hand down knowledge to other African-American women who may be struggling to navigate their way through their young adult years.  I worked hard from a pretty impoverished background to make it to where I am today and if I can help guide one person towards a better, happier existence I will consider this venture a tremendous success.

That said my over-arching goal is to help many young ladies feel more empowered to succeed in life and love. To encourage my readers to take the brave step to meet that special someone, to alter their situation, to work their butt off and to achieve whatever it is that they want to achieve!

I am happy to have you here for the journey, I hope it is one that is beneficial to you and helps you to become a stronger, more powerful woman that has the confidence to achieve many great things.