female muscle strength

Fitness tips for females looking to build muscle

If you are looking for information on female muscle fitness, then this is the article you should be reading. Most of the women want to…

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sexual bondage

How to raise the topic of female domination in the bedroom

Female domination is something that most men are actually considering to try out in order to spice things up in their relationships and the bedroom….

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Xena now

Where are Xena and Gabrielle now?

Every little girl wanted to be Warrior princes far before the introduction of Wonder Women. Lucy Lawless who played a legendary role of female badass…

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strong black woman

Why it’s getting easier for powerful black women to date

The rise of feminism has brought a rise in the number of powerful black women. This is because of the empowerment that society offers black…

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plus size fashion

Womens fall outfits for the plus sized woman

People usually think that finding womens fall outfits for plus size women is difficult. Well, if you think so, then you have come to the…

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Characters to remember - the most badass females in movies and on TV

Characters to remember – the most badass females in movies and on TV

There have been lots of badass female names who have been entertaining us for years now. They are memorable names that most of our kids,…

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dominant female

Dating a submissive male does not mean he isn’t respected

There are many strong women these days who date a submissive male. These women are not disrespectful. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they emasculate these…

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beautiful black woman

Why dating a strong woman is becoming ever more desirable

There is some kind of sex appeal that a strong woman exudes. And for some reason, so many men are attracted to this trait in…

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black fashion

Fashion Advice For The Trendy Black Woman

You might be wondering why I am talking specifically about black women fashion advice, black women are like any other women on earth and they…

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interracial romance

How To Chase That Perfect Interracial Romance

Interracial romance is getting common in the society and majority of the American families have started accepting interracial relationships. But just because society has changed…

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