female muscle strength

Fitness tips for females looking to build muscle

If you are looking for information on female muscle fitness, then this is the article you should be reading. Most of the women want to look lean. They want to get a certain body type. They want to reduce the percentage of body fat. People usually think women can’t gain muscle. Trust me, everyone is capable of this. Plus, there are a lot of benefits to muscle building such as gaining more strength, improving posture and metabolism. It even slows down aging.

Below are some tips on how to go about it.

Ways women can build muscle when working out at the gym

Eating more protein

Diet is very important when it comes to female muscle fitness. Consumption of proteins helps a lot in building muscles. Fish, chicken, nuts, eggs, soy… the list is endless. All these are known to build muscles as well as repair torn ones. So if you want more muscle, the recommended protein intake is 1.7 grams per kg of body mass.

Doing shorter reps at a heavier weight

weight training

The key here is to push yourself. The more reps you do, the more muscle you gain. Do more shorter reps and do them faster. At the same time, keep increasing the reps and the weights as you go along. Don’t do the same thing always. We are meant to improve. So for you to add on some muscle, keep adding the reps every day. Do an extra one every time you work out.

Strength training for female muscle fitness

This is key to building muscle. Lifting weights need to be a part of your workout routine in the gym. These include dumbbells, weight plates among others. Lifting weights helps in adding strength to your muscles.

What happens is, when you lift weights, the muscles wear and tear. But as you sleep, they rebuild making them stronger and larger. The more you lift weights, the stronger your muscles get.

While doing all this, do exercises that work on your legs, chest and triceps, traps and shoulders, back and biceps. Remember, when building muscles, do exercises that work on your whole body.