sexual bondage

How to raise the topic of female domination in the bedroom

Female domination is something that most men are actually considering to try out in order to spice things up in their relationships and the bedroom. Thanks to the “50 Shades of Grey” craze, more couples are more open to introduce some kink into their bedrooms. But do you tell your boyfriend that you actually want to dry out some domination with him every once in a while?

Here are some tips on how you can introduce he topic without scaring him off.

How dominant women who are looking to introduce kinky BDSM games into the bedroom can raise the prospect with their partner.

Be sympathetic to their wishes

When your partner allows you to introduce some kink into the bedroom, the first way to go about it is to listen to their wishes and concerns. Make sure the subdominant male is comfortable with whatever role play you are planning to introduce.

Go slowly to begin with

Exploring these sensations of pleasure and pain can be very exciting. However, when starting out, how about going slow on the whole thing. First off, make sure that the bondage is escapeable. Female domination can be very pleasurable if introduced slowly. Make sure the sub is OK with every act of bondage. Test the boundaries with caution. Always communicate and ask if an act is OK.

Do your research

Things can get a bit rough sometimes. Whatever rough and kinky sex you plan on engaging in, do your research and learn how to do these things safely before you test them out with your partner. You could join a BDSM club and learn from the pros how to do these things. This will not only ensure safety but it will also help you know how to give maximum pleasure even when the sex is rough.

Always include a safety word with female domination


This is very important because some of the acts can be dangerous. So you and your partner need to agree on a safe word in order to alert the other when things get too rough or uncomfortable. “Stop” is one of the words that might mean pleasure in BDSM. So you need to come up with a unique word such as “blueberries”.

With such domination, make sure there is consent.