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Where are Xena and Gabrielle now?

Every little girl wanted to be Warrior princes far before the introduction of Wonder Women. Lucy Lawless who played a legendary role of female badass with a sword. Lawless got recognition after appearing in few episodes of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, impressed by her character, producer decided to start a new series naming Xena: Warrior Princess.

Its been more than 23 years since the launch of Xena: Warrior Princess, who first came into our lives in 1995 and rest is history, Xena has become an icon in fantasy/sci-fi. Lets Find out where are Xina and Gabrielle now?

Xena now


For many years, Xena was an icon of feminism, female empowerment and became an icon for the LGBT society thanks to her relationship with sidekick Gabrielle.
Lucy lawless never actually went away, she starred in numerous movies and TV shows, although she was stuck to more supporting roles instead of leading the story.

Lawless is best known in her supporting and guest roles in some of TV’s best shows, from Battlestar Galactica, Spartacus, X-Files and Agents of SHIELD to Parks and Rec, The L Word and Veronica Mars. Also, most recently she reappeared with Bruce Campbell for the Ash vs Evil Dead series.

Xena now

RENEE O’CONNOR aka Gabrielle

After appearing in a variety of advertisements and minor TV roles, O’Connor was cast as Deianeira in previous Hercules TV movies. After another actress turned down the role of Gabrielle on Xena, producers decided to cast O’Connor for the role of Gabrielle. So, she’s one of the few artists who has played dual parts in the Hercules universe.

Renee O’Connor had a very impressive drive to co-starring in Xena: Warrior Princess. Although Gabrielle played as a sidekick to Xena, she brought a lot of awareness about homosexuality on the small screen. She played a role as Xena’s sidekick/inspiration/lover.

Unfortunately, Renee O’Connor didn’t got any major role after her performance as Gabrielle but you can sport her in some small budget movies and tv channels.