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Why it’s getting easier for powerful black women to date

The rise of feminism has brought a rise in the number of powerful black women. This is because of the empowerment that society offers black girls at a tender age. There has been a myth that strong black women have a hard time getting men to date them. Well, I think its high time we debunked it. The thing is, real men aren’t scared of dating such strong confident women because of what they bring to the table and what they have to offer. And with that realization, more men are pursuing them. Here is why…

Why its easier for strong black women in the dating world today

Powerful women are much more attractive to men

Today, most men are accepting the place of powerful black women in society. They are being appreciated more. Men are appreciating confident women who can stand up for themselves. And confidence is an attractive trait because such women know what they want and go for it. They don’t dilly dally. So if a strong black woman likes you, you will know.

They don’t play hard-to-get

playing hard to getTimes are changing. And the days of pursuing a woman for months before she agrees to go on a date with you are over. And much as men love the challenge, when someone pretends for too long that they aren’t into you, the men get tired eventually. This is what is making black women more appealing to men. A strong woman knows what she wants and goes for it. She won’t pretend she doesn’t like you if she does.

Powerful black women take the reigns in life

There has been this idea that men are the sole providers. That is changing. Men these days pursue women who have their sh*t together, the career and money. Strong black women are not gold diggers. And they are doing much better in the dating scene because men want to be certain that a woman likes them for who they are, not just the bank account.

They take control in the bedroom

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One of the most attractive traits in a woman is knowing what they want in the bedroom. When a woman makes the first move, its a huge turn on for the man.