Characters to remember - the most badass females in movies and on TV

Characters to remember – the most badass females in movies and on TV

There have been lots of badass female names who have been entertaining us for years now. They are memorable names that most of our kids, women and men alike usually admire and are attracted to. They are tough and always exude sex appeal in their tight costumes and sexy bodies. Below are some of the superhero women we love to watch.

Toughest women female characters on TV and in movies.


Catwoman is a film that was released in 2014. And it stars one of the hottest black women in Hollywood. This is none other than Halle Berry. In the movie, Catwoman is a superhero badass chick who fights crime. Just as the name suggests, her costume is a cat costume with claws too.

Badass female names like Xena

From the franchise, Xena: Warrior Princess, this female character is a fictional one who appeared first on the Hercules TV series in the 1090s before the TV show: Xena: Warrior Princess. She has a dark past and wants to redeem herself by using her badass fighting skills to assist others. Lucy Lawless plays the warrior princess.

Wonder woman

wonder woman

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Wonder woman is a comical character that we have known for years. Recently, in 2017, they made a movie based on the same comical character . The film starred the hot Israeli model, Gal Gadot. She shows her formidable fighting skills as she goes on a quest to stop World War 1, against her long-term enemy,  Ares. A sequel is scheduled to be released next year.


One of the other badass female names in Hollywood is Ellen Louise Ripley. Played by American actress Sigourney Weaver, this role gained her so much recognition as the most important female protagonist in cinema all over the world. Her role was mostly featured in the Alien film series and has appeared in comic books, novels, and video games.