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Why dating a strong woman is becoming ever more desirable

There is some kind of sex appeal that a strong woman exudes. And for some reason, so many men are attracted to this trait in a woman.

For years, black women have been known to possess this character in them. Before, it is something that used to intimidate most men. But over the years, men are dumping all the stereotypes they had about the strong women. This is because of the rise of feminism. They are realizing that strong doesn’t mean controlling or emasculating. Strong is just confidence. And this confidence is all round… even in dating.

So what is it that men find attractive in strong women?


Confidence is one very attractive trait. And there is nothing men love like a woman who knows and is sure of what she wants and goes for it. Now, such women don’t play hard to get. If she wants you, she wants you. This is the kind of woman who won’t be insecure or needy in a relationship.

The thing with the confident woman is that it also translates to the bedroom. If she wants it, she will ask for it and go for it. And men love it when women sometimes take the lead.

The influence of female superheroes

woman in costume

Pop culture has also had an influence in portraying a strong woman as attractive.  Look at actresses like Wonder woman, Xena, Cat woman… The list is endless. Much as they whoop men’s as*es on TV, they are also very sexy. At the same time, in most of these movies, they show that they have the vulnerable side and can also fall deeply in love.

A strong woman always stands out

The confidence that strong women exude is noticeable from afar. They have a certain aura they carry around with them. They are comfortable in their own skin. It’s in the way they talk and walk. They also stand out because they are confident even in the way they are dressed.

So don’t ever confuse this strength for being controlling. When you win the heart of a strong woman, you will be amazed at how loving and caring they are. Plus most of them are usually very committed to their men. The thing with dating strong women is that there will be no playing games. If she is with you, then you will also have the confidence that she really likes you.