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Fashion Advice For The Trendy Black Woman

You might be wondering why I am talking specifically about black women fashion advice, black women are like any other women on earth and they can also follow global fashion trends.

But few things differentiate black women from any other women in the world, you might call it a genetic trait but these differences are real and it does matter.

Black women are known for their swagger look and confident body language; you make also say that these ladies developed themselves to be more independent and supportive after centuries of racism towards blacks.

Let’s discuss the black fashion advice for the trendy look.


The natural hairstyle is always a winning style when it comes to looking confident. One of the things that black women excel it the number of hairstyles they can try,

You have got those curly hairs genetically and should start feeling proud of it, stop damaging your hairs through using harsh chemicals for hair straightening.

Your hairstyle says a lot about your personality, so whatever hairstyle you choose to have short hair or keep them in a braided style, your hairstyle should reflect your fashion

Swagger look

One look that every black woman is comfortable about is the swagger look, it’s that personality that makes anything look cool and trendy. Mix the long pair of denim with an extra large sized t-shirt, or just wear a casual t-shirt with denim shorts.

If your motive is to look trendy then try to add some bright color to your wardrobe, because no one can wear those bright colors better than black’s.

Trendy footwear

One thing that every black woman should keep in mind is they are genetically built strong and confident. Black fashion is incomplete without a great pair of high ankle boots, few sneakers, and sports shoes.

Leave those high heels for the parties and start wearing your attitude to look trendy and eye catchy.

No to Trends

Tends are temporary, signature style is forever.

Instead of following the endless pursuit of trends start developing your signature style, a style that defines you and a style that suits you.

You are independent women and you don’t need any fashion trend to define your looks.

black fashion

It’s all about the fit

One of the greatest advantages of being a black woman I feel is my naturally curvy body; it’s a body that can make any stale fashion trend look pretty awesome.

Sometimes all you need to focus on perfect fit wardrobe.

Flaunt it, if you got it

We have got it and we are going to flaunt it.

One of the best things to wear on a bright sunny day is a crop-top, these sexy tops can be paired with anything like good fitted trouser, jeans, skirts or joggers.