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How To Chase That Perfect Interracial Romance

Interracial romance is getting common in the society and majority of the American families have started accepting interracial relationships. But just because society has changed their perspective on the interracial relationship, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy on you.

Interracial relationships are beautiful and if you are thinking about trying your luck with a white guy then you have landed in right place.

I have a firsthand experience with 3 years of successful relationship with a white man (his name is Simon) and we are recently blessed with baby boy. I have gone through everything that any black women will go through to make her relationship successful.

Though my blog I am trying to raise the issues that every black woman goes through and I will be trying to help you with my experience in dating and being in African-American relationship.

Where to Find Love?

Kudos to you girl, for your decision to find your true love without any barrier and you, are trying to give a try to African-American relationship as well.

Society seems to be okay with the interracial romance but it’s not always safe to find love in the different community, one has to take care of many aspects to get their self into the biracial relationship.

The best place to find your perfect partner is the online websites which are specifically developed for interracial romance. Finding love interracially got hell easy with the introduction to these free dating websites, these websites give you the opportunity to improve your search radius and helps you with many different matches.

interracial romance

How To Get Started once signed up

So not you have shortlisted a dating website to find love, but it takes a lot of technical attention to get the best date opportunity. Online dating has reached all new levels and you will be required to take care of many things to succeed in it. Here are few tips that will help you succeed in online dating.

  • First: get your best picture for the profile picture on display, online dating is all about the first impression, people who were able to put great first impression seem to considerably raise their chances of getting best matches.
  • Second: Smile is the best jewelry you can wear, many researchers concluded that pictures with smiling faces had more chances of getting liked.
  • Third: It’s better to post pictures with your hobbies and interests, pictures with your hobbies will also give an idea about your interests and talents. Talented girls are always on first priorities of men.
  • Fourth: Stay positive, no Men likes to spend time with the depressed or negative person, especially when they don’t even know you. Men highly prefer positive women who can relieve stress levels and bring positivity to their life
  • Fifth: in order to impress others don’t lose you’re genuine, you might score few dates by acting fake but these dates will never last long.

Tips To Succeed In Interracial Relationship

Now we have discussed the tips to make an attractive profile, now how to find whether the person is eligible enough to go on a date with.

Know what you want

Knowing what you want is the stepping stone of any relationship, if you are not aware of your needs and what you actually want in your life-partner, then you will never be able to have long-lasting relationships. Prioritize your expectation and rank your partners according to how many expectations they are able to fulfill.


Communication is a solution to every problem, long communication will help you decide whether the person is eligible according to your criteria and whether he will be able to fulfill your needs.

Focus on the similarities

Once you are able to decide what you want and set up some communication, its best practice to know the similarities in behavior. Couple with similar priorities tends to stay happy in the long course of time, and dissimilarities in a relationship lead to clashes and breakups.

Wait and observe

You required to be more conscious about starting an interracial relationship, most of the people don’t have great intentions while getting themselves indulge in an interracial romance.

Many matches might be interested in your curvy body or your skin tone, you need to wait and observe their true intention to have a long-lasting relationship.

Wait and see whether the guy you just started a conversation is interested in your true nature or he is just another guy looking for “just sex”.

Observe if he feels proud to have you or he is don’t have enough guts to confront society.


Although I have been into successful African-American relationship, still I would like to tell you that this relationship is not going to be easy for you. There will be many differences apart from differences in your nature, there will be cultural differences, behavioral differences and only a few couples are able to survive interracial relationships.

Try to follow all the instruction I have specified to get yourself into a successful relationship, all the best for your journey.