dating a black woman

The 5 Things That Guys Always Fail To Realize When Dating A Black Woman

Many men are obsessed with dating black women, they are obsessed with their curvy bodies and scandilicious looks. Biggest mistakes most of the men do with black women is to look towards them to satisfy their lust. Black women are like any other women as well and they appreciate real love.

There are few very Common mistakes that most of the guys do which make them losing their opportunity to date black women. Let’s explore the most common dating mistakes.


It’s one of the biggest mistakes to look at every woman with the common lens, just like any other women on earth black women also have different personalities; they are housewives, entrepreneurs, managers, etc.

Black women are dealing with stereotyping since ages and they are fed up with it.

Stop assuming about their nature, likes, dislikes. Pay attention to her and you will get to know everything about her.


If you think about your relationship is going to be as simple than any other relations than you are absolutely wrong.

Interracial relationship demands two-sided compromises, you both will be experiencing an infusion of two different cultures and you will be required to compromise according to the priorities.

Someone with not compromising behavior can’t stand a relationship with black strong women.

dating a black woman

Lack of sensitivity:

She might be fed up with this insensitive world and getting stereotyped everywhere, you cant get your chance to date, black women, until you get sensitive enough to understand her culture and behavior.

How to improve sensitivity?

  • Start paying more attention to person’s facial expressions
  • Consider paying attention to body language and posture.
  • Avoid any sensitive questions
  • Avoid any racial discussions.


If a black woman is dating you that means she will be expecting a lot of maturities. Being in an interracial relationship is going to be difficult for her and one of the most prominent reasons for dating you is your maturity level. There are some key points to display your maturity.

  • Don’t act like a fuc**r boy in front of her, she will sense it. If you are really trying to impress her then show some genuine interest in what she says and your culture.
  • You should practice listening more than you speak. Listening is a skill that will get you 100% successful in every field of life.
  • You should be having some life goals and should have the willpower to achieve them. Nobody likes to be with someone with no future.
  • Treat others with respect, whether he is a genitor or your boss, you should treat them all with the same respect.

Some genuine interest

Biggest dating mistake you can probably do is dating because of “Lust”, like any other women on earth, black women crave genuine love as well.

The reason why she is not inclined towards dating anyone outside of her race is society’s mentality and stereotypes.