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How To Introduce Your Interracial Partner To Your African-American Parents

Time has definitely changed since the United States had ever struck down a ban on interracial marriage. In 1967, the United States Supreme Court unanimously ruled in Loving v. Virginia, but the struggle of convincing parents for your interracial relationship is still a nightmare for any couple.

My name is Beth, an African-American professional woman who blogs about her life experiences and is married to a white male. I have gone through the same situation when I was about to tell my parents about my African-American interracial relationship with a white man.

Let’s explore the best way to introduce our partner from a different race to your African-American parents.

Choose your approach

Make a plan in order to mark your approach as ‘successful’.

The right path to approach your parents can lower the panic and can promote better understanding within the family.

Choosing best approach to introduce your African-American interracial relationship includes:

  • Making pre-assumptions
  • Preparing yourself for any negative situation
  • Seeking some advice
  • Prepare responses to some common questions
  • Educating yourself about racism and your partner’s culture
  • Talking to broadminded family members first and grabbing their support.

Don’t make pre-assumption:

Assumptions can be helpful and assumptions can we disastrous as well.

What kind of results you get from assumptions is decided by how you used them, assumptions can we used to educate yourself and assumptions can we used to push negativity in your head.

Healthy assumptions will help you prepare for the situation and will help you in preparing for the question and answer sessions with the parents, healthy assumptions will help you prepare winning answers to all the questions of your family members.

Have a discussion with supportive family member first

Convincing supportive family members first will give you the much-needed support for your African-American interracial relationship and will also work as a mediator between you and your racial family members.

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Ask for the advice

Asking for advice is a great way to convince people, this way you give them the feeling of respect and allow yourself to mold them in your way.

For example, you can ask about their thoughts on interracial marriages and what they think about other casts, then you can drag them into the debate and convince them on “why interracial are successful as well”.

Stay calm and positive

Do you know why we have been using word “debate” instead of “arguments”? Because the debate is healthy discuss which normally ends with some conclusion but the argument is a heated conversation which ends nowhere. Practicing to stay calm will help you set up better communication with parents.

Prepare your response

Getting yourself prepared for the response will surely give you the much-needed edge in winning the debate.

Preparing your response to the racism and true love can be decisive factors for convincing your family members. Additionally, you have already communicated with the supportive family members who will be acting as a ‘cherry on a cake’ in this tense situation.

Remember, these days most of the parents are supportive of interracial marriages, all you are required to do is doing your homework right and prepare yourself to deal with every situation.