I need a drink

I need a drink

Time to hit the bar

cartoon image of black woman drinking in a bar alone

So yet again my friend at work has come to me for advice on her latest dating exploits.

You see, she is determined to date the type of guy who her parents will approve of. Despite friends often conveying to her the need to focus on dating someone that she actually is attracted to she keeps on ending up on dates that are bound for failure.


Because she is into white guys. Yet, her parents want her to date someone from her own culture.

So yet again I sit on my lunch break listening to her reel off the usual statements:

“He is really nice, but there just wasn’t a connection”

“He is successful and he did nothing wrong but I just don’t feel an attraction”

“Maybe the second date will be better and I will start to feel something”

No Jaycie. You won’t.

You are into a guy that you refuse to date, so the chances are that he’ll remain out there waiting while you keep wasting your time trying to make your parents happy, instead of yourself.

So that was my lunchtime break. Four hours to go till Friday knock off time… I need a drink!