I outed myself on the internet

I outed myself on the internet

No need for damage control

interracial lesbian couple gazing into each other's eyes

I recently caught up for a coffee at Starbucks with a girlfriend of mine and she told me that her daughter was going through a tough time.

You see she had recently posted a picture of herself with her female lover after a drunken night out and was dealing with the aftermath.

My girlfriend told me that her daughter’s friends were hardly being supportive of her lesbian reveal and that her daughter was struggling mightily to reconnect with these friends.  This amazed me.

Although a horrible thing to have to deal with, her friends had, accidentally, done her a huge favor. By showing their bigotry and homophobic attitudes they had revealed their true colors.

Cull the bigots

What my girlfriend’s daughter saw as a negative, I see as a positive. If I could talk to her directly, I would say this:

“Good. This is a great insight for you into your so-called friends and exactly why you need to cull them. You don’t need people like this in your life. If you have friends who are unsupportive and not willing to support you no matter what your decision, then they are not your friends. You should see this as a positive in that you are able to remove toxic people from your life and focus on friends who are more supportive of the decisions that you make in life”.

So ditch those lousy friends, remove them from your Facebook friends list, enjoy your relationship with your lover and make new friends. The type of friends who will support you to the end of time and follow you into battle no matter what your personal choices may be.

This is a good thing.