True love waits is dangerous and damaging to kids

True love waits is dangerous and damaging to kids

Waiting can negatively affect their development

There is nothing more damaging to the development of a young adult than being told to ‘wait for true love’. While their peers start experimenting with partners and sex, those who wait for the perfect partner may be putting themselves at a major disadvantage.

That is not to say that a young adult should go out and start pimping themselves around to the first available partner. But through the process of waiting for something ideal, you can be missing out on the best years of your life.

The problem with waiting is that a) you start well after everybody else has left the starting blocks and b) by waiting you may be building up a pre-conceived notion as to who the perfect partner is and, by doing so, may end up creating an ideal partner in your head that never comes along. This will leave you dissatisfied and underwhelmed for the rest of your days.

If you want to wait, by all means, do so, but if someone is doing you to, and you would like to start exploring what’s out there then this is the path you should take.

Forge your own path and you’ll be in the game at the same time as everybody else. Starting later means losing touch with the dating field, especially if you are keen to date others of a similar age.

Follow your heart, start exploring your desires and I guarantee that you will not go wrong.