Going public with sex

Going public with sex

Mixing it up in the open

Let’s be honest. We have all been there. You reach a stage in every relationship, the good and the bad when you need to mix things up to keep the spark alive.

There are many ways that this can be achieved; you can introduce games into the bedroom, perhaps invite another partner in, or try to roleplay different scenarios with each other.

couple kissing in public park

My personal favorite though is taking the bedroom intensity and going outside and public. There is something about engaging in sex in a location outside of the home that I find really gets the juices flowing. It’s the rush. The potential of getting caught, or just that strange feeling that someone could be watching.

It adds an element of danger. Park in a car somewhere and see what you think. I guarantee at the very least that it’ll boost the urgency for your partner and the excitement you both share together in the aftermath will do nothing but good.